Thursday, April 17, 2008

Alright, since my wonderful wife created this blog – she does the computer stuff, the brains of the operation – I guess I should tell y’all some things, how this began, etc. But I wanna be short and simple…

I started the “I am who I choose to be” / self-ownership thing at a high school with under 600 students. The concept was incomplete at best. This high school used these specific Pillars, yet they were written entirely different. Tolerance came to mind soon after. And so on.

Somewhere in this, in the 2002-03 year, I was named “Teacher of the Year” for the Fowler Unified District as well as Fowler High School itself. This in partly because of the beginnings of this program, but other things as well. It was an intense year that was very cool.

I left the next year, to pursue this project full time, yielding very little money. I’m also a real estate broker, and did business during the boom.

The total dollar amount into this project, right now, is around $75,000. Count a 15,000 piece mailing at $2.25 each, plus, prior to it becoming “a real evil,” I sent out a spam of 25,000 @ .30 each name, plus the vendors charge for sending. Then printing – these are done on huge industrial presses, and on and on and on. It added up quick.

So, are we going to lay down and watch these kids tank? Drop out rates are 50% and better across the US – not as a national average, but in large areas.

I believe the current lack of values is at the lowest point it’s been in recorded history.

Ahhh. The Internet, home alone. Allowing these kids instant access to things we adults would have never even thought of watching, let alone having the ability. With Mom and Dad working, it’s now latch key kids with the Internet. Home alone.

I think this is the greatest issue facing education today. “Solve for X,” is the answer, and this is X. It is the root cause of all other issues.

Think it through, but this is a true statement.

It isn’t like it has been in the past. This situation is not comparable. This is something altogether new. THINK: Internet usage.

Ok, later, soon I sure… next entry will be shorter – had to fill you in. I’ll run this one from time to time I’m sure.



Anonymous said...

Verkar vara ett toppenprogram!
Det här vill jag verkligen se i våra skolor också, för vi har ju samma problem som USA har………


Anonymous said...

This is so exaiting.. MPC are establishing here in Sweden too.I`m really looking forward to follow this project conquering the world. Lots of Love.. Marie from Sweden